Poll Results

July 2022 Question of the Month

Which term do you use to refer to the process of preparing a new product or NDC for listing in the drug pricing compendia?

Compendia Submission: 64%

New Product Information: 18%

Drug Database Addition: 9%

Drug Price Publication: 9%

Drug File Integration: 0%

Health IT Preparation: 0%

June 2022 Question of the Month

APhA supports the pharmacy profession through a variety of key advocacy issues. Of the following, which of these issues is a top priority for you?

Improving the COVID-19 Test to Treat Initiative: 9%

Pharmacist Provider Status: 61%

Eliminating DIR Fees: 30%

May 2022 Question of the Month

How quickly will the FDB Vela ePrescribing Network be a viable competitor in the market?

Immediately successful: 0%

Within 1 year: 10%

Within 2-5 years: 70%

More than 5 years: 10%

Will not be able to compete: 0%

Will have limited uptake: 10%

April 2022 Question of the Month

How have drug supply shortages in 2022 changed compared to shortages in 2021?

More products impacted: 44%

Same number of products impacted: 44%

Less products impacted: 11%

March 2022 Question of the Month

What factor will have the greatest impact on the number of unfilled pharmacist positions that currently exists?

2022 pharmacy school graduates will fill the open positions: 8.3%

Pharmacy closures will help reduce the number of unfilled positions: 58.4%

Currently employed pharmacists will see an increases in hours worked and overtime: 25.0%

Chains will reassign pharmacist administrators/HQ personnel back to the stores: 0.0%

Pharmacy schools will increase the incoming class size: 8.3%

Retired pharmacists will come out of retirement to fill hours: 0.0%

February 2022 Question of the Month

What impact will the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company Pharmacy have on drug prices in the next 2 years?

Retail pharmacies will lower their cash prices to compete: 10%

Select competing retail and internet pharmacies will lower their cash prices: 20%

Retail pharmacies will create or further enhance their own discount programs or clubs to compete: 20%

There will be an increase in discount card program utilization: 20%

No impact on pharmacy prices: 30%

January 2022 Question of the Month

What source will you rely on most to determine interchangeable biosimilar status?

FDA Purple Book: 91%

Pharmacy System and Compendia: 9%

PBM Formulary and Messaging: 0%

Pharmacist Knowledge and Education: 0%

December 2021 Question of the Month

Which stakeholder will have the most influence on the biosimilar dispensed from retail pharmacy?

PBM: 67%

Pharmacy: 17%

Biosimilar manufacturer: 8%

Physician: 8%

Patient: 0%

Wholesaler: 0%

November 2021 Question of the Month

How severe do you expect the 2021-2022 flu season to be versus previous years?

Fewer infections than 2020-2021: 0%

Similar number of infections to 2020-2021: 0%

More infections than 2020-2021 but still fewer than pre-COVID: 100%

Similar number of infections as pre-COVID: 0%

More infections than pre-COVID: 0%

October 2021 Question of the Month

Have you used telehealth services for an acute or chronic health concern?

Yes, starting pre-pandemic: 0%

Yes, starting during the pandemic: 50%

Not yet, but would consider: 50%

No, and would not consider: 0%